Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use arrays?
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Thank you very much for your answer Dmitry



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> Hello, W!
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> WO> Hello
> WO> Somebody knows how to use arrays?
> do not use arrays, ever.
> Arrays are stored "inside" blobs, so, it's simpier
> to use blob for your client array data.
> Because the only thing you can do in SQL/DML with arrays is selecting
> array element.
> Insert and update you can do only at client side, writing array as a
> blob. Or, you may use embedded sql preprocessor gpre, but I think
> you will not like that idea :-)
> But, if you are just curious, check procedures in employee.fdb and
> InterBase's documentation.
> p.s. someone thinks that arrays are better than blobs, because
> they can update only part of array, not the whole array.
> But, this is not true - new array is written the whole, same as
> if you will try to modify 1 byte in 1mb blob - 1 mb will be written.
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> Dmitry Kuzmenko,

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