Subject Re: problem for restore FB2.1 backup in FB2.5
Author mariuz
you need to restore into a utf8 charset database (UNICODE_FSS was replaced by utf8)

gbak -r -p 8192 -v -user SYSDBA -pas
masterkey -FIX_FSS_METADATA UTF8 -FIX_FSS_DATA UTF8-REP "firebird2.1.bak"

--- In, "Maziar" <mnavahan@...> wrote:
> Hi
> My default charset is UNICODE_FSS
> It can restore in FB2.1 BUT when try restore in FB2.5 i get this error in restore :
> gbak:restoring domain RDB$39
> IBE: Invalid token.
> Malformed string.
> The RDB$FIX_METADATA seems don't help me
> 1.with "NONE" parameter every time do result with some record any time and commit
> 2.with "UNICODE_FSS" parameter raise error malformed string at line86 col:17
> But no any help in restore this database with this parameter
> any help is welcome :-)