Subject Re: [firebird-support] Incremental Backup
Author Hugo Eyng
Hello, Dmitry.

You are right. Now a days gbak indeed takes arounda five 5 minutes.

I was thinking about use nbackup for additional "log".
I would make incremental backup every 5 minutes (for example) and so I
could restore
the db situation in any 5 minutes I need.

Is it a good idea?

Em 26/06/2013 18:52, Dmitry Kuzmenko escreveu:
> Hello, Hugo!
> Thursday, June 27, 2013, 1:28:18 AM, you wrote:
> HE> My database size: 4 GB
> I doubt to use nbackup for that size of database. because usual
> gbak -b -g must take around 5 minutes, not more.
> Restore of that db also must take around 15 minutes.
> And, the timing I mention is for cheap SATA II drives (1 for db and 1
> for backup), not for cool RAID storage, or even for SSD - there
> usual backup and restore speed will be like lightning.
> You may start to think about nbackup when your db will reach ~20gb
> size.
> HE> Could you help me with the nbackup?
> HE> What the best use? Keys, frequency, etc...
> HE> How to restore?
> read
> as many times, until you will understand it.
> nbackup -b 0
> is kinda file copy, with the near same speed
> nbackup with higher levels will read whole db, but write only changes,
> so, it is faster.
> But, if you use Classic, consider not to use nbackup with Firebird
> less than 2.5.2 (or even 2.5.3).
> --
> Dmitry Kuzmenko,



Hugo Eyng

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