Subject Re: Server specs
Author mbabuskov
Mags Phangisa wrote:
> One of my clients has about 6000 locations but between 1000 and 1500 will
> be connecting at the same time at any given stage. Most transactions will
> be selects for reports on a daily basis and inserts (with file attachments)
> will only be happening at month ends for progress updates.
> Please advise me on specifications for a server that can handle this.

It's impossible to recommend anything without knowing the SQL statements you would run, their frequency and number of rows in tables and indexes on them.

Without that information, one can only say "the more CPU, RAM and faster HDD, the better". Or "spend as much as you possibly can, extra power never hurt anyone".

One thing I will recommend though. If database size is larger than RAM, get at least a SAS disk. It improves performance drastically.


Milan Babuskov

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