Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBak Backup & Restore Problem
Author Alexandre Benson Smith

Em 25/6/2013 17:07, Tupy... nambá escreveu:
> Mr.Benson,
> No, the constraint wasn´t change. As I explain to mr.Jesus Garcia, we take the DB having the data and the constraint in the needed conditions, we made a backup and then the restore. This mean = all the conditions were assured that the DB were in "good conditions" and, during the backup/restore process, the data at this column was "lost".
> Thank you, i.c.u.2 !
> Roberto Camargo

Did you tried my suggestion ?

I will insist on that... Update the problematic column/table

update MyTable set MyColumn = 0 where Mycolumn is null or MyColumn = 0;

then try to back-up/restore.

see you !