Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] GBak Backup & Restore Problem
Author Dmitry Kuzmenko
Hello, Tupy...!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013, 12:07:07 AM, you wrote:

Tn> backup and then the restore. This mean = all the conditions were
Tn> assured that the DB were in "good conditions" and, during the backup/restore process, the
Tn> data at this column was "lost".

The funny thing is that gbak is not a rocket sience, it simply does
select * from table and writes the data to the backup file.
So, if you have problem, the source is in the database or in the

I also do not see what Firebird version do you use.

p.s. please, do not overquote.

Dmitry Kuzmenko,