Subject Re: [firebird-support] GBak Backup & Restore Problem
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Señor Garcia,
Gracias por su retorno.
If I understood well, you say to make a first insertion at this table, manually apply values to the columns of this table, save the values to the table, delete this line and then restore the table. It´s a possible solution, but not a pratical. Specially if this happens to many other tables and columns.
The most important is first understand why (to eventually avoid the causes) and the technical solution for the question, which can be automatically applied (by code, by scripts or something like this).
Your suggestion will be taken in consideration, since we go more deeply into the problem.
Best regards,
Roberto Camargo.

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Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: [firebird-support] GBak Backup & Restore Problem

Hello, I think you have a row with null value. The option is update table
set column = 0 where column is null and then try to backup restore. I have
seen this issue when changing columns from null to not null and you have
rows in the table.

2013/6/25 Tupy... nambá <anhanguera@...>

> **
> Dear Friends,
> We have a strange problem with GBak. We make a backup with gbak and then a
> restore, also with the same.
> We have a table with 60 rows where a not null type SmallInt column has 0
> (zero) as content.
> When restoring, GBak returns null for this column. As this column is not
> null, we get an error message (Error: Validation error for column .....).
> Between these two steps (backup and restore), no further action is done
> with the backup file.
> I ask you = What can cause this problem? Is there any solution for this?
> Any idea about this problem?
> Thanks a lot,
> Roberto Camargo,
> Rio de Janeiro / Brasil
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