Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird db statistics and performance
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hi - can anyone comment on these db stats - I guess the transaction id's are
> not good with such a difference. The db is being abused somewhat with
> users not logging out at night hence the sweep we run (I assume) is having
> little effect.

The fact that users are not logging out, is not the principle cause of the issues.

The issues are the result of poor application design, not using explicit start/end transactions around key processes.

The fact that users never log out should not be a problem, as the users should never have any open/pending transactions.

> The consequence of all this is deteriorating perfomance that only
> a backup/restore can fix.


But only because all database transactions are killed.

You could accomplish the same thing by performing a night shutdown of the database/or a KILL of the Firebird engine processes on the server.

If you did this before the sweep, you would never need to perform backup/restore.