Subject Re: [firebird-support] about system table RDB$TRIGGERS
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 15-6-2013 15:20, Tupy... nambá wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Opening the table RDB$TRIGGERS, I saw many rows where the column RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE is empty (null or an empty string). And the related tables doesn´t present these triggers.
> I ask you:
> -Are these rows at RDB$TRIGGERS useless ?
> -May I delete these rows ?
> -If I delete these rows, may I cause some any kind of trouble to my database ? Will this delection be helpful for the DB ? This way, will this delection affect the DB operation in any way, positive or negatively ?

Never, ever directly manipulate the system tables. Most of those
triggers are system triggers which are important for the correct working
of the Firebird database. A new Firebird database has 35 system triggers
which have no source (because they weren't declared using SQL).

The RDB$TRIGGER_SOURCE is just informational, the actual (compiled)
trigger is stored in RDB$TRIGGER_BLR.

So no, don't delete them, you will ruin your database.

Mark Rotteveel