Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Rename database command
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 5/6/2013 17:34, Marcus Bajohr escreveu:
> From my little knowlegde i would guess Robert is talking about the
> delta between the oldest active transaction and next transaction.
> But as long as i do not know anything about the application (event
> listeners, long time transactions and that) and the environment (Number
> of active connections and that) Robert writes about (may be he has in an
> earlier post) , it is just peeking around.
> just my EUR 0,02, Marcus


that *would* cause slowndown... but back-up/restore is not needed to fix it.

In fact.. the fix is in the application (transaction control), and if
the application could not be fixed a simple SWEEP (gfix -sweep) would
fix that if run when no one is connected (I assume that it is possible
since he could back-up/restore)

see you !