Subject Re: Rename database command
Author sir_wally_lewis
Hi Ann,

Thanks for your input.
A problem with nbackup is transaction counts are not reset.
As you know our company builds and works with databases around 800 GB.

It became clear to us that to keep the system going we have to run a backup/restore every weekend because of slow downs when transaction counts got too high which means the system is barely keeping it's head above water.

I was not aware that mssql did what I suggested. I was only guessing a methodology.

However as to my suggestion. because the original database is still online during entire process except the replace part. foreign key constraints are verified at all times.

So I think it is still possible.

If we could break through here. I believe Firebird would take a major step forward to competing with the high end of town (oracle).

I think there is a great business case for this implementation.

Kind Regards,