Subject Re: Trying to install firebird client on Centos 6.2 Directadmin server
Author dome_giuliano
Hi Norm,

Thak you for your responce.
The problem is on the php server.
The Firebird server is ok, and had worked with other servers before.
Our knowledge of the firebird server is adeqate.

The problem is how to set up a centos 6.2 server with directadmin as controlepanel with a firebird client.



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> dome_giuliano <dome_giuliano@...> wrote:
> >I want to be able to connect to an external Firebird server from out a
> >php page on this server.
> Have you got a firewall running on the Firebird server by any chance? You may need to allow port 3050 through.
> Cheers,
> Norm.
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