Subject Re: [firebird-support] Aliases and Windows 7
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Walter,

On 30/05/13 12:20, Walter wrote:
> I had to use a Windows 7 machine as Firebird server...after updating firewall rules everything is ok, but Firebird seems to ignore the aliases.conf file...I place the fdb file in a shared folder, with full access granted to everyone, and create the alias. I can access the database locally providing the full path, by if I try to use the alias I got this error:
> Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements.
> I/O error during "CreateFile (open)" operation for file "XFILES".
> Error while trying to open file.
> any clues ?

Q1. What is the exact path where the database file lives? Copy it from
Explorer if possible as opposed to typing it directly into the email.

Q2. What do yo have in your aliases.conf for this database?

I have noticed that, with employee, for example, you get two aliases
created within the file:

employee = /full/path/to/employee.fdb
employee.fdb = /full/path/to/employee.fdb

So you can connect to employee or employee.fdb and get to the same
database. You can, as you know, also connect to the full path as well.

Q3. Are you connecting locally (on the database server) or remotely?

If locally, then the alias.conf should simply be as above, the path to
the database.

if remotely, then your own aliases.conf (assuming that exists in a
client only install - I've never done one!) will need to have the server
name as well:

employee = win7_server:employee
employee.fdb = win7_server:employee

In this case, your local employee aliases connect to the server and use
the server's employee alias. The above (colon separator) assumes TCP


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