Subject Re: Overflow during backup. Apparent date problem.
Author homerjones1941
Problem fixed. The solution was to change the domain from Time to varchar. Then, get rid of any values with a date format, leaving only valid time values. Then change the domain back to Time.

I could do nothing to the values as long as the field was Time. Changing it to Date produced the same error because the field had a mix of date and time values. Switching to a varchar was the only way to preserve the valid values but allow removal of invalid ones.

I've learned a great lesson. I'll never do that again!!! Thank you all so much for helping me work this out.

--- In, "homerjones1941" <homer@...> wrote:
> Using GBAK via IBExpert, I get the following message. I don't know how to fix it (or find it).
> Overflow occurred during data type conversion.
> conversion error from string "2013-04-11".
> gds_$receive failed.