Subject Re: XSQLDA && error code = -804
Author stoneoldrock
Hi, Vlad
You instructed:

> Sooner of all you have not committed concurrent update or delete of > the same row. As your transaction have no TPB it used default
> parameters and wait's infinite for concurrent updates.

Thank you so much that it works now! I simply committed the main UPDATE..transaction, and it works now either it is isc_tpb_wait or
isc_tpb_nowait, for there is no transactions to wait at all.

Of course this is only a testing function, it will load a file into the blob in the real world. A loop of isc_put_segment...

So please do not feel much relaxed by now for if I come into some problems by then I will come back here again (to trouble you).

Thanks again, Vlad