Subject AW: [firebird-support] question table numbers in select
Author Olaf Kluge
Hello Ann,

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>> I would like to assign a element-group to an table. For example group
>> - table t_valve. Now I can realize this with an statement, but perhaps I
>> can
>> assign the table not by its name, rather with its table ID? Maybe I can
>> select the ID and. "select * from TABLEID where xxx"?
>I'm not sure I understand what you're asking, but if you want to reference
>a table by it's RDB$RELATION_ID, don't do it. Those values are not
>stable across a backup/restore. SQL gave you names. Use them.

>Good luck,


First, Thank you.

Is there a possible way to select/insert records in a table where only the
tablename is known - and without a statement? In my case the structure of
some tables is the same, only the names are different. I can assign a
tablename to an category and would like to update the corresponding table.

For example:


ID Name Category

1 Compressor1 1
2 Compressor2 1
3 Valve1 2


ID Table

1 TCompressor
2 TValve


1 .

Now If the PLC send me a change of ID 1, I would like to look for the right
table and update this. Select table from . . update TABLENAME set STATE = .

How can I realize this without an statement?

Thank you!

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