Subject Re: fb_inet_server process with over 200 minutes runtime FB 1.5
Author crizz11
Thanks Thomas, I checked out MON$ATTACHMENTS and it has some gr8 info in there. We are wondering why for a lot of our in house apps it won't show anything in the "Process" column. Is there something in our apps that we need to include so that the app reports its name? Our apps are mostly written in Delphi.


--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:
> > Hi Thomas, we have upgraded to latest version of FB now. You mentioned that monitoring has improved since version 2.1. What would be the best way to monitor that process that is getting stuck.
> > We were hoping it would simply go away with the move to the latest version of firebird but it has come back again.
> Check out MON$ATTACHMENTS and various other monitoring tables.
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