Subject Re: [firebird-support] UTF8 problems
Author Milan Babuskov
Robert martin wrote:
> I have a field defined as UTF8. In my app I am trying to write and read
> data from the field. I am succeeding on some levels but need to need to
> confirm that the data being written and read from the field is correct.
> I thought I might put some data in using a tool I knew worked properly
> with unicode but am having problems.
> When I try and use flame robin ( Unicode) I get the following
> message...
> Error: *** IBPP::LogicException ***
> Context: Statement::Prepare
> Message: SQL statement can't be 0.

FlameRobin shows that message when character set conversion fails and
your SQL statement translates to an empty string. It's the underlying
wxWidgets library way of working: if it cannot convert between character
sets, it clears everything (instead of just the problematic character
like some other libraries do).

Are you sure that the text you entered in the SQL editor is valid UTF-8?

Try changing the connection character set to match that of your system.
This depends which operating system are you using? For example, you
would set it to WIN1252 for West-European Windows system, or UTF-8 on
most Linux systems.

Also, try using the latest snapshot build of FlameRobin. Those are as
stable as "stable" release, and have some important bug fixes.

If none of this works, please ask further questions on flamerobin-devel
mailing list.


Milan Babuskov

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