Subject Re: [firebird-support] Temporarily stop and disable garbage collection
Author Robert martin
> OK - the only safe thing to do is to shut down the server. My recollection
> is that the Firebird server keeps a database open for some period of time
> after the last connection closes to avoid the cost of reconnection in an
> environment where connections are short and frequent.
> Sorry to be so long in answering - life intervened


No problem Ann. I appreciate your help with this !

I guess I will add that as an option to users experiencing the problem.
The danger in shutting FB down is that any other databases that are in
use will also be unavailable.

What about the shutdown option offered in gFix. Would shutting a
database down also cause FB to stop accessing it? Could I
programmatically shutdown the database (how?) copy my file and then mark
it back as online ?