Subject Re: [firebird-support] Temporarily stop and disable garbage collection
Author Robert martin
> That's an odd request. It could reflect one of two things: a desire to
> maintain
> db_key stability or a misunderstanding of garbage collection. The first is
> possible. The second is likely. I'm going to assume the second, but would
> like to understand what it is you think you're going to accomplish.


Actually neither. We have a process where the system does an backup and
then restores back. The process actually renames the source DB file,
does the backup and then restores the backup with the initial file
name. We know that users are logged off because the application doing
the process is the server part of a client/server system.

We have recently discovered this process sometimes fails because the
file is in use. My suspicion is that it is in use by the sweep process
(which I apparently been incorrectly referring to as garbage
collection). Although all applications have disconnected from the
database, the FDB file cannot be renamed. Stopping the FB service
allows a rename.

So It is something that FB is doing.

I don't really want to re design the above functionality if It can be
avoided, so I thought I might be able to cancel the internal FB process
before running the process !