Subject RES: [firebird-support] Re: How to read the "Memory buffers" size via SQL?
Author Fabiano Kureck

It Will resolve my problem!

I will read this value and compare with a calculated value (number of
connections, etc) and then set a new value. We are having performance
problems when inserting a large amount of data in a huge table with a lot of

We use a default 90 pages in a FB Classic 2.5.1 Windows server. Raising page
caches to a higher value like 200 resolve our problems.

I will read the server memory amount, read our maximum simultaneous
connections and then calculate the 'best' and secure new page caches amount.
Maybe I can except some trouble with this approach?

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Assunto: [firebird-support] Re: How to read the "Memory buffers" size via

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<> , "Fabiano Kureck" wrote:
> Hi!
> I must read the "Memory Buffers" parameter from the database using sql.
> I know that I can use gfix to change and gstat to read.
> I want to read it via a sql command. How do that?

In recent Firebird versions you can query MON$DATABASE table.


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