Subject Re: SQL ignores spaces?
Author uwekeim

--- In, Frank <frank@...> wrote:
> From the SQL1992 Standard:
> > 3) The comparison of two character strings is determined as fol-
> > lows:
> >
> > a) If the length in characters of X is not equal to the length
> > in characters of Y, then the shorter string is effectively
> > replaced, for the purposes of comparison, with a copy of
> > itself that has been extended to the length of the longer
> > string by concatenation on the right of one or more pad char-
> > acters, where the pad character is chosen based on CS. If
> > CS has the NO PAD attribute, then the pad character is an
> > implementation-dependent character different from any char-
> > acter in the character set of X and Y that collates less
> > than any string under CS. Otherwise, the pad character is a
> > <space>.
> in other words, before comparison, the shorter string is padded with
> "pad-character" (usually a space) to the length of the longer string.
> So, it's not a bug, but a SQL-standards feature.
> been there too some years ago :-)
> fsg
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oops - okay, that's the explanation, although this behavior doesn't make sense to me...

thank you very much :-)