Subject RE: [firebird-support] "Unavailable database" error when running gbak from my apllication
Author Leyne, Sean
> Greetings colleagues!
> I need to programmatically create Firebird 1.5 db backup file within an app
> written on C++.NET.
> Problem is that when I run gbak using System.Diagnostics.Process class, it
> throws message gbak: ERROR: unavailable database.
> Parameters string looks like this:-b -se localhost:service_mgr
> localhost:Ñ:\\DB\\mol.GDB C:\\DB\\molbk.fbk -user sysdba -pass masterkey
> Thing is that when I run gbak from console (with the same rights as my
> app) with exactly the same parameters it works well. So the problem seems
> not to be with access rights.
> Any ideas on this?

I would suspect the original DB path: localhost:Ñ:\\DB\\mol.GDB

I am pretty sure that "Ñ" is not a valid drive letter.