Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak speed
Author Marcus Bajohr

from my little knowledge i have: are the db and the backup on different
devices? Or are they both on the raid?
I've reduced the backup time from 1,5 mours to 40 minutes for a ~55 GB
db by simply writing the backup to another physical dev

cheers, Marcus

> Nick Upson <mailto:nu@...>
> Donnerstag, 11. April 2013 11:19
> Hi,
> I'm need to speedup my database backup, its currently taking 6 hours to
> backup a 74Gb database. Using firebird 2.1.5 on centos, database is on
> fast
> drives with raid 10.
> How does this compare with the experience of others?
> the command line used is: (and I do need the garbage collect)
> gbak -user sysdba -pass XXX -backup localhost:/opt/db/mydb.fdb stdout >
> /var/archive/db/mydb.fbk

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