Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database version
Author Woody
From: "halim1973" <halim1973@...>

> Hello,
> what is the best approach to assign a version to the database.
> Let's say it's starts with then etc,,
> I'm looking at storing it with the DB itself. Is there a way to store it
> and read it from system variables?..
> I wanted to use a DB field but it sounds too much for what I want to
> accomplish.

I use a separate table in the database to record DDL updates. Each sequence
of DDL/SQL commands for updating the database are numbered with a version
number in the form of xx.yy.zz. That sequence, the date and the SQL are
stored in the table so it can only be run once. I wrote my own separate
utility for maintaining and performing the updates so it's easy to build
into each app I make.

Woody (TMW)