Subject Re: GUI version of FB Trace Manager (fbtracemgr)
Author hvlad
--- In, "certfb" wrote:
> > > The only problem that I have at the moment is that I am using the "isc_info_svc_timeout" command as part of a "isc_info_svc_line" isc_service_query() but instead of replying with "isc_info_svc_timeout" in the header the server replies with "isc_info_svc_line" but a zero length data block.
> >
> > IIRC, isc_info_svc_line (or isc_info_svc_to_eof) + zero data length means end of stream and service was stopped at server side.
> This might be my misunderstanding of the "service was stopped at the server side" but after receiving isc_info_svc_line + 0 I continue to receive isc_info_svc_line + valid data as soon some traceable event occurs so I don't think it has stopped?

Then you should get isc_info_svc_timeout after isc_info_svc_line (with zero data). Do you process received buffer up to the isc_info_end ?