Subject Re: Best Firebird Platform for our Environment
Author ssilouky
How do you determine the amount of RAM needed? Is there a benefit from more than 64gb of RAM?

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> We are trying to determine the best platform for Firebird SQL 2.5.2. Our firebird databases are 40-60gb in size and are being accessed by dbase plus 2.6.2 programs. Currently we are running on Windows 2003 Server with dual Intel XEON E5430 quad-core processors and 8gb RAM. This server is being accessed with Windows Remote Desktop. We are in the process of replacing this server with a new server using 2 Intel XEON E5-2640 processors and 16gb of RAM. We are trying to determine whether we should go with Windows or Linux. We also want to consider client/server versus the current model we are using. We would use Intel I7-3770K processors with 8gb of ram for workstations.