Subject Re: [firebird-support] Best Firebird Platform for our Environment
Author André Knappstein
If you have enough know-how to manage all the basic linux stuff, then
go with a linux system. If you don't then better use windows.

But something else needs your attention (or mine *g*).
Are you using StoredProc objects in dBPlus 2.6 to deal with stored
procedures in Firebird?
If so you should be warned, there is an undocumented bug in dBase
that - only on XEON systems - leads to exceptions in the dBase
StoredProc object. The bug persists in the freshly released dBase plus

If your application experience is fine with RDP sessions, then keep
it. Never change something you are satisfied with!
If you will go real client/server, you might get a huge improvement,
because a lot of workload is transmitted to the quite
potential workstations. Depending on how complex your GUI stuff is,
this can render a huge performance gain for the server, which in turn
can much better use the power for the database stuff.
But if your implementation is not too clean, you also might
experience the opposite!
2.6.2 still is firmly tied to the BDE, which means you need a special
approach to use dBase as front end for *any* SQL server backend.

So far you only needed changes in pixels to go over the wire.
Full client/server would also mean that the data you operate on will
have to go over the wire.
You better make sure that data is as small as you really need.

Typical dbase/BDE behaviour is: create many many many indexes with the
poorest of selectivity *and* doing a full table select as often as
possible. This will break your neck in client/server.

> We are trying to determine the best platform for Firebird SQL
> 2.5.2. Our firebird databases are 40-60gb in size and are being
> accessed by dbase plus 2.6.2 programs. Currently we are running on
> Windows 2003 Server with dual Intel XEON E5430 quad-core processors
> and 8gb RAM. This server is being accessed with Windows Remote
> Desktop. We are in the process of replacing this server with a new
> server using 2 Intel XEON E5-2640 processors and 16gb of RAM. We are
> trying to determine whether we should go with Windows or Linux. We
> also want to consider client/server versus the current model we are
> using. We would use Intel I7-3770K processors with 8gb of ram for workstations.

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