Subject Re: pyfirebirdsql connection with role
Author Philippe Makowski
Le 26/11/2013 07:37, ggoozee@... a écrit :

> I am trying to access a firebird 1.5.3 database remotely from python using pyfirebirdsql. (access from Ubuntu precise 64 bit to Firebird running on Windows)
> I can connect to the database locally using a username/password with a defined role (using FlameRobin) but the connection string for pyfirebirdsql doesn’t seem to allow a role to be defined so that I can use this same username. Have I missed something?
something like :
firebirdsql.connect(dsn='host:/path/database.db', user='limited_user',
password='pass', role='MORE_POWERFUL_ROLE')

should work

but it seems that the code don't use role :

you should report it here or
better propose a patch

> I have tried to install KinterbaseDB but it needs Firebird client installed and I couldn’t get all the relevant dependencies for Firebird 1.5 to install properly on my Ubuntu system so gave up on that option.
KInterbasDB is obsolete
use fdb

> If I only want read access will fdb work or is there some other option I have missed?
fdb need firebird client
but it will work