Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error Not Enough Disk Space
Author 安占江
the max size of file on fat32 filesystem is 4G.

于 2013年11月25日 15:21, trskopo@... 写道:

Dear all,

I have a strange error message, tell me that there is not enough disk space while actually it is enough space.

Here are the environment :
- database size is 4 GB, running on RAM Disk formatted as FAT32, free space still 4 GB
- Firebird Super Classic 2.5.2 64 bit
- Windows 7 64 bit with 16 GB memory

Is that because database running on RAM, but there is still a lot of free space?
Testing and running database on physical disk seem ok, but it is very slow since don't have rapid harddisk.

Please help me to solve the problem, and thanks in advance.