Subject RE: what should i think of when creating a shared server with firebird?

thanks Ann.

That's one of the correct answers i needed.

than i understand why no one do this.

i will wait until it's possible with only one installation works.

also thanks to marcus! i have searched and searched. so it seems like today it will be an issue when it comes to control applets.

but, as Ann tells, the biggest issue i see will be only one firebird installation on the server that is not possible today.


thanks for good answers to both.


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it's time we start creating servers for firebird. i thinking of shared servers, like they do on mysql on almost all shared server around the world. i am thinking of selling shared server accounts with firebird.
what do i have to think of and what do i need to be successful?

You may be thinking of a different model than I am, but the shared security database has been a road-block in the past.  You'll need a complete separate Firebird installation for each client until V3 becomes available.

Or maybe you're planning something different.