Subject RE: Re: [firebird-support] what should i think of when creating a shared server with firebird?

too simple answer.

i know all this.

scripting i know.

firebird i know.

security i know.

it's the same a a standard server with mysql.

i asking this because there is not many firebird shared servers around.

it has to be a reason for it.

so i ask again what do i need to think of when creating a firebird shared server. what tools exists like control applets for users.

let's say it on a linux server.

and let's say it's also on a windows server.

please give one better answer.

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> it's time we start creating servers for firebird. i thinking of shared
> servers, like they do on mysql on almost all shared server around the world.
> i am thinking of selling shared server accounts with firebird.
> what do i have to think of and what do i need to be successful?
what you need
- knowledge of firebird: see the official documentation
- depending on the OS underneath - knowledge of security mechanisms.
- some scripting knowlegde may be helpful

> simple question.
> and i need simple answers.
simple enough?