Subject Re: Re[5]: [firebird-support] Broken databases
Author Dmitri Markov
Yes, application allow update metadata. Updating metadata not so often, but It seems to me I undertand what do you mean, sometimes it's possible to create new, delete or modifide exist indexes, or adding new columns.
I'll try to dump data from broken database to clear database when I will restore db.

On Monday, November 18, 2013 11:10 PM, Dmitry Kuzmenko <kdv@...> wrote:
Hello, Dmitri!

Monday, November 18, 2013, 10:25:37 AM, you wrote:

DM> I try restore broken backup, a lot of errors in firebird.log like
DM> this. So a lot of trigger Check_X is broken, when I repair DB, I
DM> also delete them when repairing structure of DB.

DM> Server (Server)Mon Nov 18 10:10:27 2013
DM> RDB$FLAGS for trigger CHECK_2791 in RDB$TRIGGERS is corrupted (304)

This is ... useless. Since metadata is broken, the only way to get
correct DB is to pump data from broken DB to a new, clean DB.

Al that you said about DB defects, can be caused by
- bad RAM
- updating metadata while working with data. 2.5 is more stable in
that situations, but I think there is still some problems can hide.
Do your application allow to change metadata? How often?

Dmitry Kuzmenko,