Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database tables how to compare and changed
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From: "Andrew Gable" <andrew.gable@...>
> I have done a major update to my system database due to new software
> development that I have been working on
> and I need to now change the live database to have the new tables / columns
> etc in it
> IS there a way I can do this without having to lose data?
> I have a SQL script that now makes all the new tables and types etc
> can I use that as a compaire to see what tables need chaning
> Andy
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We use the "DB Comparer for IB/FB" from EMS SQL Manager. It works sufficiently
well for us, and we have 3k tables, 3k procedures, and 10k triggers, all

Things it doesn't do include:
- compare permissions on objects (write your own export, use command-line diff
and sed to turn that into an update script)
- get dependencies quite right (creates triggers with the table, even if the
trigger depends on stuff not yet created, drops or alters fields without modifying
procedures that depend on the field, ...)

But it does get you "close enough".