Subject Re: [firebird-support] Broken databases
Author Ann Harrison
On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 4:34 AM, <markovdmitri@...> wrote:

I use firebird for my product and for some times my databases start break.

OK.  What makes you think the database is broken?  Are you seeing error messages?
What are they?  Are you losing data?  Seeing incorrect data?  Have you checked the 
Firebird log for errors?
I read a lot of forums about protection of my databases, but I don't understand what the reason of breaking.

Nor do we, unless you give us some more information.  What version of Firebird?  What operating
environment?  Which Firebird architecture (classic, superserver, super classic)?  What disk 
architecture?  Are you using forced writes?

DataBase is broken and can't be restored from backup,

If you can create a database, but not restore it, then the problem may be with a broken constraint.
The error that gbak reports would be very helpful.
but I can work with database and I can repair it(I need about 3 hours for repairing, because I need to recreate all indexes and foreign key and delete phantom records).

 Phantom records?  What exactly are you doing to repair the database and why did you
choose the method of recreating all indexes and foreign key relationships?

I don't understand reasons for broken. Can you help me to find the solution of this problem? 

Probably, with some more clues... 

Maybe I must to show some log's or to turn on some logs that can help to fin solution?

The logs you need already exist - firebird.log and possibly the system error log.  Without
knowing more about your environment, I can't say where they are or what they're called.

Good luck,