Subject Re: [firebird-support]Is RETRY a reserved word??
Author Tim Ward
I tried using RETRY as the name of a column, and as the name of a stored
procedure parameter, and as the name of a stored procedure variable.

This produced no error messages of any sort at all anywhere, but the
wrong value for the column got inserted into the table:


inserted zero when the value of the parameter RETRY appeared to be 1 (in
the Database Workbench procedure debugger - yes I know that doesn't
prove what it is when the procedure is run normally in Firebird, but I
still get zero in the column).

On changing all the RETRY names to something else the right value got
inserted into the table.

I can't find RETRY documented as any sort of reserved word in Firebird,
and I can't find anything else called RETRY in our application.

Any guesses as to what's going on?

Tim Ward