Subject v2.5 64-bit DLL analog
Author lucas
hello one and all,

i am currently converting to firebird 2.5 from 1.5. i am used to the
fdclient.dll file being copied on the client computer, setting up the
registry, and using it to connect the client application to the dll to
connect to the fb database somewhere off locally or through a network
server, where ever firebird is.

what is the pure firebird 2.5 64-bit way of doing this? what are the
minimum files i need to copy to a firebird virgin client computer in
order to be able to access the database server through an client
application? also, what if the client computer is legacy windows
32-bit, what is the best way to adapt to that situation, still under
firebird 2.5?

i know this is probably documented somewhere, but i am not sure where to
look. please direct me to the docs. that would be cool.

thank you in advance, and have a great day. lucas