Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] embedded server question
Author Scott Morgan
On 31/10/13 19:47, Fabiano - Desenvolvimento SCI wrote:
> Embedded is used as a local database for a single system.
> IF you can connect more than once you will have a BIG database
> corruption, read the embedded documentation.
> You must use the regular Firebird installation -
> Classic/SuperClassic/Superserver.

I thought the 2.5 series embedded DLL was able to handle multiple
> Embedded server: now based on the Classic architecture, including
> all the benefits of the Superclassic: multiple processes can safely
> access the database, official utilities (GBAK, GFIX, ISQL etc.) can
> also be used. fbembed.dll is thread-safe.

On 31/10/13 19:47, Fabiano - Desenvolvimento SCI wrote:
> You can run an automatic Firebird installation, so the user will not
> need to explicitly install Firebird as I suppose is the root of your
> question.

It's tricky, you can end up with lots of messy situations (e.g. what if
someone else's app has installed a FB server and changed the sysdba pswd)

FB3's new security system should help, but it's still awkward.