Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SUSPEND
Author André Knappstein
You did not write, which server version you are using and on which

I have one intensively used ClassicServer 1.5.6 (...yeah... *am* in
the process of migrating to 2.5.2) running on a dedicated machine with
Windows2003 OS. 4 GB Ram only, which seems ridiculously little today.

I have about 50 concurrent users accessing 6 different databases on
that server with a total of some 500 tables and constand read/write

Some client processes are very extensive and are running complex
stored procedures for several minutes.

Each connection uses a maximum of 50% CPU. There was nothing I had to
configure (which probably is, why it is working so good).

All the rest of the CPU is still available for all the other
connections and they can work fine.

Maybe you need a similar setup of Firebird architecture and

> Hi Mark,

> This is an EXECUTEable proc, returning nothing, so I should not use SUSPEND.

> Do (or anyone) have a suggestion as to how I can tell the stored
> proc to not bring my server to it's knees for 3 full minutes?

> I want FB to be given high(est) level thread priority in the OS,
> except for this one procedure, I'd like FB to rather "mozy along",
> and serve other user's requests first and get back to this thread when it can.

> Thanks.

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