Subject Re: isc_attach_database, EAccessViolation in modul 'fbclient.dll'
Author patrick_marten
--- In, "patrick_marten" wrote:
> Hello,
> on a customer machine in our internal log I've noticed the following error:
> isc_attach_database
> EAccessViolation
> Accessviolation at address 1004D5EB in modul 'fbclient.dll'. Writing of address 00000044.
> It's a Windows 8 PC running as a clinet, which connects to a Windows 7 PC (server) where FB 2.5.2 is installed.
> Everything seems to work, the data is visible on the client side, can be edited etc. But I'm somewhat worried about that message... Have never seen it before at our customers machines.
> Any ideas about the reasons for the problem here?
> Best regards,
> Patrick


now a colleague of mine is able to reproduce the issue on his machine as well.

Our application has an exception logger using JVCL. At some point the application calls "JclStopExceptionTracking" and that's when the AV in fbclient.dll occurs for some weird reason... Even more weird is the fact, that this works fine several times before the AV and afterwards, so in that one case something seems to special.

Not sure if that's a bug in Firebird or in JVCL or in both. This seems to happen since we have upgraded Firebird from 2.1.3 to 2.5.2, so I think it has at least partly to do with Firebird as well... JVCL version remained the same so far.

Any ideas / suggestions are welcome!

Kind regards,