Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: How to keep fdb file small size
Author Werner F. Bruhin

On 21/01/2013 09:39, nenhumpois wrote:
> Yes it is a big size because the corresponding data is not that much.
> After backup and restore, the size decreased to 4.7Mb.
By how much is it growing now per day or week?

Are you on a PC or are you really on a device where 40MB is a lot of disk?

In my shareware there is a lot more then 15,000 records but it is still
a very small db in my eyes and my users are running around 10 - 20 MB db
sizes, and even double or triple wouldn't worry me for my use case.
> Making backup and restore is not pratical for everyday running
> databases. How to erase the unused bytes?
Why bother, the database will use this space again when you add new records.

Just my 0.02EUR

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