Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is this good advice?
Author Helen Borrie
At 08:10 a.m. 19/01/2013, lcampbell wrote:
>We received a tip on using a minimal installation that referenced the
>following web page, last updated in 2009.
>Is this still current info? Is it good advice? Any thoughts or comments>

Yes, it is good advice. But it doesn't totally address what you're asking about as Stefan is talking about client installations, not servers.

Don't listen to advice that says it's OK to let your applications use an InterBase client and/or server with a Fb 2.x database. Too many things can go wrong. If your app is meant to run with a Firebird client, Firebird server and Firebird database then make it so in the programming of your application and the installation of your whole package.
-- Use a version of IBO that supports Firebird 2.x databases and use the appropriate properties to ensure that your app loads fbclient.dll *by its own name*.
-- Locate fbclient.dll in the application path, not in the system32 folder

On the server installation side, configure Firebird to use a port other than the default 3050, since InterBase commandeers that port unconditionally. Use a high port number such as 13050, rather than 3051 as recommended by some. Four-digit port numbers are almost certain to have already been earmarked by some other software so it's wise to avoid making a rod for your own back. (Same advice applies if you want to configure a non-random port number for events using RemoteAuxPort).

Don't try to test or guess a way to determine the presence of an existing Fb or IB server. Just assume it's there and program and configure defensively.