Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Issues with String Truncation error on insert (FB 2.1 64 bits windows server)
Author Robert martin

What about Helens suggestion to increase the field size. If you must
have a max of 100 characters in the field, you could still increase the
field size and then your trigger should work. Otherwise it sounds like
you are cooked/deep fried !


On 17/01/2013 2:21 p.m., fabianchocron wrote:
> I have trouble understanding the following:
> Are you saying that when the application posts the "insert statement"
> into firebird's dll the size of the string contained in the insert
> statment is measured by firebird's engine and that size is what is
> being compared against the size of the field on the table? If that is
> the case then I am cooked/fried.
> The application is written in visual basic 6 and the insert in
> executed multiple times without any issues until the contents of the
> text inserted is larger than the field definition in Firebird, so what
> I am trying to do is to "catch" the string before saved on the DB and
> trim it to (field size - 1).
> Do you think it could be any way to sort out the issue without
> modifying and recompiling firebird engine?
> Regards,
> Fabian