Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Rolling back from 2.5 to 2.0
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:26 p.m. 9/01/2013, halaekinree wrote:
>Thanks, that was very informative! I'll try to include more information to better explain my situation.
>Our software uses SQL scripts to create databases that we can then interface with. After installing 2.5 I can access and modify existing databases. If I roll back to 2.0, I can still access and modify those same databases, but the script to *create* a database no longer works and instead throws an ISC error (335544375).

That exception is "Unavailable database". What that means in the context you describe is that the sql CREATE DATABASE has probably gotten as far as creating a file in the filesystem with the basic infrastructure for making it into a database; but something is preventing the server from connecting the client app (isql? calls in a batch script?) to it. If it can't do that, then no database.

"Database unavailable" can occur for several reasons, not all of them related to one another. If the server is not running, or if the script is not supplying the correct security info (user name & password), or the client's connection to the server got dropped (or crashed); if (in 2.0) your script is trying to make a "serverless" connection to a Classic server; you (or the script) tried to create the database on a non-physical disk or partition (a Windows share, for example)...and so the list goes on.

>Since it works in machines running a virgin 2.0 install, but not on 2.5 or a machine that has been rolled back from 2.5, which suggests to me that the uninstaller is missing something.

The uninstaller uninstalls what its installer installed, on the whole. Be very, very careful to back up components of the server that were customised for your application package, such as the security database, aliases.conf and possibly firebird.conf. AFAIR, the uninstaller does leave these behind; but I think you said you deleted those.

You said originally that you had installed Fb 2.5 on Win7 X64. However, if you installed the 64-bit Firebird and instructed the installer to install fbclient.dll into the system directory on 64-bit Windows, then it will be the 64-bit client library, which the installer may have been unable to delete because it was loaded. Your app is probably 32-bit and, if you are trying to run it locally, it's possibly not finding the 32-bit library of the same name. It could be worth checking.

>Let me know if there is any additional information I can provide that would further explain my situation.

IBPhoenix does installation assistance as a professional service. IBP pays me (and others) to do this stuff for its paying customers. I'd better bow out here, lest I find myself in hot water with my principals. I'm sure someone will be able to get you back on the road, though.