Subject Re: About Firebird-
Author loris.luise
Hello Dmitry,

I recompiled build 26528 as you suggested,
using configure as follow

CFLAGS=-march=native ./configure --prefix=/opt/fb25ss --enable-debug --with-editline

Actually It seems a little better, but in kern.log I found these

Aug 26 20:23:09 h3oserver-DB kernel: [256352.460134] fb_smp_server[2465]: segfault at 7f4f460d5c40 ip 0000000000436934 sp 00007fff97d034f0 error 4 in fb_smp_server[400000+b3000]
Aug 27 02:55:03 h3oserver-DB kernel: [279831.921468] fb_smp_server[24339]: segfault at 7f255a6dee80 ip 0000000000436934 sp 00007fffa8853630 error 4 in fb_smp_server[400000+b3000]
Aug 28 02:55:03 h3oserver-DB kernel: [366107.128924] fb_smp_server[32043]: segfault at 7f82fca24588 ip 0000000000436934 sp 00007fff0bee53a0 error 4 in fb_smp_server[400000+b3000]

I rescheduled some crontab jobs that could arise some dead locks,
now I have no more in firebird.log.

But those segfaults are worrying me...

And I don't understand why that virtual committed memory for fb_smp_server is so high... around 10-15 Gb (server has 8 Gb of RAM
and 36 GB of swap space, but is not using it [0 bytes]).


--- In, Dmitry Yemanov <dimitr@...> wrote:
> 24.08.2012 12:42, loris.luise wrote:
> >
> > Since I saw something stranhe related to memory usage, two days ago
> > I compiled this sources
> >
> Please retry with build 26528. The older build has some known issues on
> POSIX systems.
> Dmitry