Subject Re: something changes after backup & restore
Author Sergio
Hello Dmitry! First of all: THANKS FOR YOR ANSWER!

> S> C:\"Archivos de programa"\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin\gbak
> S> D:\DATABASE.fdb DATABASE.fbk -user sysdba -password newpassword -Limbo -v -y log.txt
> do your applications use 2pc transactions?

No... as a matter of fact I use quite the same batch file to perform the backup from long time ago... Now that you mention it, I went to check out "-Limbo" in the help, and I see that I misunderstood the meaning of that switch. I'll remove it, of course!

> S> C:\"Archivos de programa"\Firebird\Firebird_2_5\bin\GBAK -create
> S> -v DATABASE.fbk DATABASE_REC.fbk -y log.txt -user sysdba -password newpassword -n -r -p 4096
> why do you use option -r while you already used -create ?
> do you know what -r option does, and why it does not work since FB
> 2.0?

I thought that using "-r" makes gbak to overwrite the destination file if already exists. Am I wrong?

> why do you specify -n option?

Well... I'm not sure now, but I think I had a problem once restoring a database with some problems of validations. Again: I will remove it now...

> why do you each time set -p 4096 ?

I always use a page lenght of 4096...

> Have you read anything about gbak options?

Well... I did... but (now I'm quite ashamed!) to tell you the truth, probably I didn't invest the proper time to learn everything about it.

Do you think that any of my mistakes is causing that behavior?

Thanks a million!