Subject RE: [firebird-support] Why can't I see the query plan?
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>> Using FB 2.1.4 I try to tune a query that I know will take hours to
>> execute due to large table joins etc. I usually see the query plan in
>> FlameRobin and in Sinática Monitor, but in some cases I don't.
>> Why can't I see the plan in some cases, and is there a different way
>> that *would* allow me to see it?
>AFAIR, there is a limit of 32K for the PLAN and a longish IN list might produce something like that.
>Also see:

My guess is that if you add

and Upg."Förrådsvärde" between 2597 and 3275

to your query, then you might get a plan and hopefully not notice any slowdown in execution time (you want 329 out of 679 values in this range, I don't know whether the query will slow down or not by this addition).

There are two other alternatives ( for a) I'm assuming Thomas is right and that the 32K actually include the name of the index):

a) Make the name of the index for Förrådsvärde shorter
b) Add a (temporary) table and join to this rather than use 329 fixed values