Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generators, what could cause resetting generator values to some earlier version
Author Sofija Blazevski
On 8.8.2012 12:06, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Aug 2012 11:02:52 +0200, Sofija Blazevski
> <sofija.blazevski@...
> <>> wrote:
> > I did check user profiles, but didn't find any database copies there.
> >
> > Also, we don't administer this server, but currently we have access. So
> > I noticed in system log a message for corrupt and unusable disk
> > structure, though the message is from this morning(there was a power
> > loss this morning) and problem has occurred on Monday, might this kind
> > of problem be due to some kind of hardware failure?
> I was browsing my Firebird-support archive yesterday, and I did see
> somebody mentioning that depending on the (disk)cache configuration of
> Windows, changes might actually never be written out to disk, unless the
> file is actually closed by the application. If there was some kind of
> crash, this could mean that the changes were never actually written to
> disk.
That is very interesting to know about, thought I never had such case.

Thank you for trying to help, it seems there are a lot of problems with
either system or hardware, as one of our application files, out of
nowhere came to filesize 0 and had to be replaced.

- Sofija

> I am not sure what setting that would be though, and I do think it is
> highly unlikely that this would still happen in Windows.
> Mark

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