Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generators, what could cause resetting generator values to some earlier version
Author Sofija Blazevski
This installation is on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise - it also has
UAC, as far as I know client didn't have system restore.
Database file location is under program files, I'll check user profile,
but I'm unsure how would it work consistently as there are several users
on this machine I believe all se rdp for access, I don't believe it
would work right at all if every one had database in user profile...?

On 8.8.2012 9:53, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
> On Wed, 08 Aug 2012 09:40:13 +0200, Sofija Blazevski
> <sofija.blazevski@...
> <>> wrote:
> > We tried getting database backup over our local environment, backup and
> > restore went fine, generators kept their "old" values - that's what I
> > expected though.
> > It does seem like old database, I would believe it was replaced if the
> > data were not up to date.
> > I can suggest system restore to the client, but it would need to be
> > really justified, as that server serves as more than database and our
> > application server. I'm trying to get exact specification of its usage.
> I think Bogdan meant that some System Restore options are known to
> overwrite files with older versions of that file. Eg on Windows 7
> Enterprise and Ultimate you have the option 'Restore previous
> versions' and
> if Windows Backup is enabled it is easy to revert to an older version of a
> file.
> You might also want to check the location of the database file. If it is
> on Windows Vista or Windows 7 with UAC and the location is in the Program
> Files folder it could also mean that the actual database is in the virtual
> store folder in the user profile.
> Mark

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