Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generators, what could cause resetting generator values to some earlier version
Author Sofija Blazevski
On 7.8.2012 19:06, Tomasz Tyrakowski wrote:
> On 2012-08-07 17:28, Sofija Blazevski wrote:
> > We never use negative increment, and this is only client installation
> > with such issue.
> Well, if you're sure negative increment of generators is impossible and
> the database has never got corrupted, then either that's a very curious
> Firebird misbehavior, or one of your assumptions is wrong.
> I'd check the database with gfix anyway, just to be sure it's healthy.
> Besides, has it occured only once? If not, or if it happens again, I'd
> insist you should blame the code... (I mean no offense, it's just
> happened to me so many times - I thought I "discovered a bug" in an RDB
> or a compiler, and in most cases it was just another ordinary bug in the
> code).
> Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Its the only time and only on this installation. I understand why you
would blame the code, I would like to blame it too if that would give me
the solution, but from this point of view its impossible as we really
never use negative increment.
I still don't think its a bug in firebird, but I still have no clue what
could caused it.

> regards
> Tomasz
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